Our Team’s precise acknowledgements:

Our Country Nepal, has still been remained undeveloped in recite of the fact that we are prosperous in water resources, rivers, glaciers, ranges, of mountains, vegetation, forest, birds & animals,  mines & geographical, variation such as Himalayas, hills & plains.

Nepalese have distinct & typical features such as human culture & rituals traditional grown & traditionally accepted loan taking & giving such as exchange system of goods & so on.

Nepalese integration unity self dignity nation identify have been established through the long practices of people’s cultures such as salutation { Nameste,) Ritual. However our GDP & strengthened substantially due to youths, brain drain, it is the time still in course of documenting hard copy in the contest of Nepal.

It is obvious that contributions done by the USA & any corner of the world developed countries for Nepal in the field of economy, physical infrastructure, politics & human preservation campaign are praiseworthily.

In this contact digital system has to be imported from developed countries such as the USA & any corner of the world developed countries which is inevitable.

We would like to trace our glorious history, achievement & experience as an entrepreneurship, we supplied to the territory of Nepal to imported research lab diagnostic equipment, accessories. On from the developed are countries such as USA & any corner of the world developed countries since 1990 to 2018.

It was the contact when Nepal did not have scientific research lab equipments & accessories importers.

During that time hypothetical diagnosis’s used to be carried out.

Since 1990 we had participated in various lab expo & programs presentation. We have been visited PITTCON, AACC, MEDICA   in Europe and USA & any corner of the world developed countries too many times.

During those years our organization was known as Kathmandu Trading concern ( KTC-NEPAL) & Biolab Industries Pvt.Ltd two companies.

We would like to inform you that, it is quite interesting to note that it we ( Biolab industries Pvt.Ltd) to pact in scientific exhibitor held by PITTCON in Atlanta Georgia 2016. We feel proud in the sense that we were the pioneer organization to be participant representing from Nepal.

We are very much grateful to PITTCON for providing such an amazing opportunity.

Acquiring such an experience we would like to inform you that IT4 NEPAL was set up in 2018.

Thus national demand & the youth’s aspiration & expectation have leaded us to establish our service oriented company.

We believe that your tiny assistance would contribute & inspire us to go ahead in IT4 NEPAL.

We are looking forward to consider our/your mutual understating & cooperation. Please you log in our website http:// https://it4nepal.com.np/, thanking you